The Juniper-ash approach

At Juniper-ash, we believe our commitment to quality, our sheer dedication and our willingness to go the extra mile sets us apart. Making sure all our customers are delighted with our work is our top priority.

So you can expect impeccable attention to detail, extraordinary customer service and fabulous results.

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juniper ash approach

How our story began

Liz Stevens has always been passionate about interior design. She brings experience, expertise and flair to painting and decorating in the East Midlands.

I started Juniper-ash Decorating in 2010 after having one too many unreliable tradespeople in my home. I recognized the need for a woman’s approach to property maintenance and so Juniper-ash was born. No woman can ignore the finer details and I’m no different which is what makes Juniper-ash unique.

A few minutes with Liz…

What first inspired you to start Juniper-ash Decorating?

I’ve been decorating for a long time but only on a casual basis, for friends and family. When I left school many moons ago, I joined a time served decorator as an apprentice.

In 2009 my daughters were pretty much independent and I was coming to the end of an employment contract so I helped a friend decorate her house. She was at a low point in her life and hated where she was living. After we finished the project, which involved loads of remedial work, mixing cans of paint together like witches and paint stripping a staircase, the house looked amazing – but it was her reaction to her new spaces and the energy it gave her to make the other changes she needed to that truly inspired me. I knew then that this was something I loved. That led me to find an industry training course to give me a recognised qualification. Next I gained valuable knowledge from time served professionals – after a lot of hard work, quite a few tears and steadfast perseverance, the rest, as they say, is history.

What was it that first drew you to painting and decorating?

That’s easy. For me it was seeing the change you can make to a space not only physically but emotionally. By changing the space, you also change how a person sees the space. It affects their whole outlook.

Why the name “Juniper-ash Decorating”?

Juniper-ash is actually the name of a beautiful shade of paint by the Little Greene Paint Company. I love their products and came across it when toying with ideas for my business name. I just loved the way it sounded; different, unique, feminine without being fluffy and a little outside the box – it was perfect.

What was the first Juniper-ash Decorating project?

I remember it well. It was for a local artist who has now become a good friend – and we have since completed many projects for her – but the first was a bedroom. The room had been used as an office and there were so many holes to fill, it took me almost a day just to carry out the remedial work. I was hanging lining paper and then painting so it was pretty straightforward stuff but I remember the pressure I put myself under to get it right. I also remember the lovely chats I would have at the end of the day with my client over tea and biscuits. Really good biscuits!

I don’t think I really made any money from the job but I gained a huge amount of confidence and learnt a lot about managing my time and how long things take.

What has been the most rewarding experience running Juniper-ash Decorating?

Definitely seeing the team grow into what it is now and the projects that we are now able to complete. We work well as a team and are always learning new things together. When I started, I never imagined we would be taking on the exterior painting of three storey properties from scaffolding but now it’s just another regular day.

We also have students from Germany who join us on an exchange programme. It is really interesting. We have met some lovely young people and still keep in touch with them today.

What valuable lessons do you feel you have you learned from starting your own company?

That it always takes longer than you think. You have to accept you are always learning and you can’t know everything: also the importance of client relationships and showing yourself to be a reliable tradesperson they can trust. Above all, you have to enjoy it and have a real passion for what you do.

What core values do you strive to embody as the owner of Juniper-ash Decorating?

Again, I think it comes down to passion for what we do. Helping people make the changes they want to see in their spaces and going the extra mile. I would like to think each project with the Juniper-ash touch has the “wow factor” and that we leave our stamp on it.

What does the future hold for Juniper-ash Decorating?

The team is growing, and as our skill base evolves we are taking on larger projects. I believe the building industry as a whole needs a bit of a shake up and I think a female approach to property development and maintenance is long overdue. We now have the skills in house to take on tiling projects and carry out our own plastering, all with the Juniper-ash approach to customer service.

I am proud of the progress we have made as a team and excited by the opportunities being offered to us. The positive feedback from our clients is great and gives us a real buzz so this is something we will always strive to develop and maintain.

My next challenge is to find a way to positively represent women in the construction industry and bring about the changes that are needed to allow women to showcase their skills and abilities in this very male-dominated arena. We as women have a great deal to offer this industry and I think everyone would benefit from the Juniper-ash approach.

You can contact Liz by emailing or calling 01664 851502 or filling in the form here.