Caring about the environment

How we feel about the environment is reflected in the way we do business. It’s not just about choosing materials that promote themselves as environmentally friendly.

We care about all aspects of decorating that impact on the world around us.

We recognize our responsibility towards protecting the planet. What’s more, we take active steps to use materials and resources sensibly, and we continually review how we do things to save time and energy.

In particular, we use a great range of water based paints that perform just as well (if not better) than traditional oils in line with Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) regulations.

Here are just a few other examples of how we show our commitment to the environment:

  • In 2013, we introduced a system for cleaning our brushes that used harvested rainwater.
  • We prefer working with recycled cardboard paint trays and kettles that don’t need washing. In addition, we recycle and reuse  all our spirit cleaner so nothing goes to waste.
  • We also try to ensure that all of our brushes are made from a mixture of recycled and sustainable materials.
  • We maintain our kit so that it can be used for as long as possible without compromising performance.

Three easy ways to cut down on wasting paint

  1. Get some advice about the right sort of paint for your project. We can help with this.
  2. Use samples so you can be sure you have exactly the colour you want before you buy large quantities.
  3. For areas like ceilings that often just need a standard white paint, take advantage of our ability to buy in bulk. We only charge you for what you use – great for reducing packaging, minimising waste and keeping your costs as low as possible.

Our eco-friendly range of paints includes:


A wonderful range of natural clay paints that allow your walls and ceilings to breathe. The formulation and rich texture works particularly well in older properties but the colour palette is also very contemporary, making it a truly versatile paint.

Earthborn are one of the few brands with the prestigious Ecolabel Flower symbol. This is given to paints, varnishes, flooring products and oils and waxes that meet the strict environmental and performance criteria of the EU Eco labelling scheme.

env-little-greeneLittle Greene

Another company offering some gorgeous products that we love to use. Their environmentally friendly paints and wallpapers are among the highest quality available. They only use natural, organic and safe-synthetic pigments and their paint is rich and deep in colour. More pigment means higher covering power and longer life so you use less and achieve great long-lasting results.

Although oil based, they do not have the strong smell normally associated with this type of product so they are a pleasure to use. The results are amazing.


We’ve been working with EcoEzee since Juniper-ash’s very early days. You’ll often see us using their compostable paint trays, which are also made from 100% recycled materials. We can’t speak highly enough about their bamboo paintbrushes.


community repaintCommunity RePaint

How many half used tins of paint do you have stored away from an old project that one day, you’ll get round to using…but never do?

As our customer, you have the option to keep any leftover paint purchased especially for your project as materials are included in your quote. However, if you can’t think of any use for it before it goes off, then why not make a positive  difference to the community?

Supported by Dulux since 1993, this scheme provides the perfect solution by taking unwanted half tins and distributing them to individuals, families or charity projects in need of paint.

If you can’t use your leftovers then simply leave tins with us and we’ll donate them on your behalf.

We believe strongly in waste not, want not so we reuse all paint where possible and practical.

Want to know more about ways that we support and protect the environment?

Call us on 01664 851502 or get in touch!